Semalt Expert On The Best Landing & Sales Page Themes For WordPress Users

If your WordPress site or online business is growing tremendously, you should need to solidify your WordPress themes as soon as possible. And for that, you will require a well-designed premium theme and an amazing landing page to make the solid conclusions. There are two different types of landing pages: lead generation pages and click through landing pages. An online e-commerce site has to be user-friendly and with quality design. Most importantly, it needs to have efficient sales pages. Without a premium or custom WordPress theme, you won't be able to engage more and more customers as the users will feel frustrated and annoyed while trying to shop on your website.

Oliver King, a top expert from Semalt, takes here a look at the list of best landing page and sales page themes for the WordPress users:

01. Solopreneur:

This theme has been developed by FancyThemes and comes with powerful and amazing landing pages that are designed to increase your conversations. This theme leverages the stylish typography and big imagery and helps us meet the criteria of the high-converting landing pages. Moreover, it increases our business' revenues in no time. Solopreneur's landing pages are part of this entire theme; it means you don't have to invest money and time integrating the separate landing pages with this theme.

02. JustLanded:

JustLanded is known for its excellent look and abilities to cater our aesthetics. This is a user-friendly theme and lets us create high-quality landing pages and sales pages easily. Moreover, it is packed with lots of layouts and is responsive to different online platforms. This theme will pack your content into different categories and will fit all screen sizes, attracting more people to your site and generating leads for you.

03. Launchit:

Launchkit is one of the best landing page and sales page themes for the WordPress sites. It makes the solid case for itself and gets adjusted to any e-commerce site conveniently. This theme helps you make your projects shine by giving you lots of versatile options. It will definitely create quality landing pages for you and will generate leads in a large number. This powerful and responsible theme allows you to run various configuration and A/B testing options, ensuring the responsiveness of all screen sizes.

What Makes a Good Sales Page Theme?

One of the major things to look for on a landing page or sales page theme is who has developed the theme and is it premium or free. WooCommerce is one of the best and most famous WordPress themes and has loads of features such as high-resolution pictures, flexibility to customize, and responsive to all screen sizes. Make sure the theme you choose has the following specifications:

  • Options for creating membership areas and landing pages.
  • Outstanding presentation of web content such as slideshows and presentation space.
  • It should be compatible with all devices with varying resolutions.
  • It should have SEO features to integrate your site into the search engine results.

Conclusion and Additional Extras to Consider:

Once you have selected the theme, you would have to work on its layout and color combination making sure that the theme matches your site's niche and business requirements. Technically, the beauty of your WordPress theme and its options will matter a lot. You can install a couple of plugins to improve the ranking of your site and offer useful information to your readers to turn them into happy customers.

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